Recently I had this question popping up in my head very often, “on what basics rich and poor are decided ?“…. Last month turned out to be the busiest month of my life so far, travel, work, duties, trips, and so on. And eventually I supposed to meet and observe different kinds of people. That was the first of many travels happened to me last month, after finishing up the work I was in a hurry to catch my bus. I was running from bus to bus and was bating in sweat and at last had a big sigh of relief after I had my seat. But it only lasts a very few seconds I was horrified to see my seat torned, I had no option other than to cry out at God “for this you made me run like anything” . That’s when I saw this cute family Dad, mom and a baby girl. she may be 6 or 7 with round face and chubby cheeks, her hair was dense and curly, the eyes were big round and pure black. And like the toppings to the ice cream, her smile made her even more adorable. She was playing, smiling and doing every stuff a child does. And it’s time for a nap said mom, that’s when I saw her adament. She wants to sleep like every other day, but her parents were not that good financially that they could only afford to travel in that bus. Her cry started and the next thing her parents did melted me. They stood from their respective seats and laid her there and both sat on the floor. Is the little girl poor, I don’t thing so. From one generation to another and this time it’s an old couple. I saw them in the hospital. The grandma who is sick was admitted in hospital. And only grandpa will stay at night. Morning he’ll go to work and will return only by evening, during day time some days people may come to visit her some days they don’t. I am doing the helper job to go to shops, medicals etc. They both were so made for each other that I was awestruck sometimes when I saw them both. One day at the time of lunch had a conversation with grandma, she was telling me old stories about her family, her parents, siblings and children. But none went longer than her husband’s story. She talked about him for a very long time her eyes were filled with love when she is taking about him. It went till evening she stopped only after grandpa came. But I lost her in the middle when she said that her husband was earning for both of them to survive and the worst part for me in that is that they have three children. I am totally confused, whether to think about the love and care between them or about their children who barely care about them. The two incidents some how were related to each other. One the parents love and the other one tells me who’s rich. No matter how much money the three children of the old couple earn, without the love of their parents they were poor in my eyes. And despite of all factors the little girl was the richest with all the love and care. Of course yes money matters but for one to be rich he/she should be the happiest. The love, care, support one can earn will be their greatest asset. If you can find a person who understands you just by the tone with which you speak, now that’s worth it more than a billion. A shoulder when you are down can be compared to a million penny. “Being rich is being in a happy space with happy people around you” .


Photo courtesy : Sathish Hutson



“Opportunities are always earned”. I had this strange experience once. One of my cousin has to go home from Bangalore. He was actually coming from Mumbai will have a hault at Bangalore and from there he’ll head to hometown. This was the plan but to no one’s surprise the bus from Mumbai got delayed and it was delayed by 12 hours now that was the surprising part. We thought ourselves as genius and booked ticket with 6 hours buffer time. So eventually the ticket we booked was of no use. At any cost he has to be in home the next day. So we decided to take connecting busses. Even though I was not fully aware of the areas, as he’s new to bangalore I was aiding him. The time he came was the wrong one its festival time and long weekend too so everybody was going home. We got to the bus stand at 11.00 pm, we saw this bus which was completely empty and went and asked whether it is supposed to depart or not. And yes the answer was no we should have know that in the first place. With so many people waiting for bus and yet no one was near that one may be we guessed it but still enquired out of hope. At last we found one bus with one seat and talked to the conductor and got the seat. We both had a huge sign of relief. It was 12.30 am when we got the seat. I was standing just outside to the bus, Keeping the bag near the seat my cousin came to see me down. We had no time for any discussions till then and dinner not even one moment we thought of that. I bought some snacks for him. He went inside bus to keep the food and was only shocked to see someone else sitting in the seat and claiming that it was his place he even said that he bought ticket. We had checked with the conductor and he was saying the same. We had no option left and my cousin even prepared to sit on the stairs of the bus. That is when I saw some people were getting into a bus like a hurricane, yes the bus we saw first which was empty was going to the same place. I ran towards the bus and got in and found a better seat than the previous one much to the relief of my cousin. People can pluck your opportunities, claim for your good deeds. But what is supposed to be yours will eventually be yours. If you have the desire to attain something and you work towards it whole heartedly you will get it. Yes, opportunities are earned but if something is meant to be yours, NO ONE I repeat NO ONE in this bloody world can take that away from you.


Pic courtesy : Jebin Felix Raja


You know what, the most hilarious and difficult questions are always from children!!!. Once a father wants to surprise his little son. He decides to take his son for a trip to the forest. The little one was excited to see all the animals and birds. Moreover this is the first time that his dad is taking him out. On the way to the forest he kept on questioning about all the things he saw his dad patiently answered all his questions. And at last they reached the destination and after parking the car. They got the entry pass and with a guide beside them they started the journey. The little one was keenly observing all the things around him the beauty of the nature made his jaw drop, the different kinds of trees, birds, insects etc made him happier than ever. And then there was this board saying “CAUTION ⚠ DANGEROUS ANIMALS AHEAD”. Father warned his son about the same, but the little boy was not happy . And asked his dad,

SON : what kind of dangerous animals are here.

DAD : There are lots and lots of dangerous animals like lion, tiger, bear, elephant etc.

SON : But you once said that if one thief is punished then no one will steal. And I see lots of lions, tigers, bears and elephants locked inside cages in the zoo. Is that not a punishment. And why these animals here are still doing the same.

This made the father think for a minute and at last he came up with some answer. “Yes I told you so, but all animals are neither threatening nor kind there are some which cannot be taught any lessons. They can only do what they want to do. In that case you have to be cautious. Not only careful about yourself but also the ones near you. All you can do is to be careful, protect the ones nearby and hope for the best. As far as now I am here for you, so don’t worry about anything just enjoy your time.”

Photo courtesy :Abidni Aashis


The latest book I read was about the people who spend their lives in the concentration camp. The suffering they had is way beyond our thinking. People were treated not even like animals, Killing people for them is a daily routine and that too for no reason. In the beginning when fellow prisoner got beaten others were shying away from looking at that but as time goes by they were unmoved even if a twelve year old was beaten up so badly, they can watch it without blinking their eyes. They can find no reason for them to be alive. Their frustration, angry, sadness, tears everything goes unnoticed. But why I said this, the recent incident happened in our state shook me and I’m still shaking while typing this. How can one be so cruel on a women, leave women you can’t do this to human if you are a human. We lately hearing lots of news about rape and rapist. Are we getting used to such news. I was intentionally avoiding news from early part of 2018 till now. Starting from nirbhaya people are talking about justice for little girls and what is the outcome no one knows. The latest was the pollachi issue, even though I am not fully aware of news that came two or three days back still I can’t digest and was angry with the culprits. But today I actually saw the whole story and l am literally shaking and fear is creeping like the darkness which surrounds night. Lots of questions, Are we losing our humanity? Are we just training ourselves to hear such news? Can’t I send my sisters do her higher studies out of my village? Do our parents still feel insecured to send their daughters for jobs in cities? I know nothing will be answered . Usually it takes so much to affect me mentally. But the recent issue literally brought tears pouring down from my eyes. Even before knowing the whole picture I posted a story saying #I_feel_shame_to_be_a_man, after knowing this #I_am_afraid_to_be_a_man. That scream of hope, that cry of hopelessness, that voice of fear of poor little ones is still ringing in my ears. What am I supposed to do, how am I going to react. You can’t change the past but what’s the future will be like?. It looks too dark to me.


As usual, after the program gets over feedback from client will come for each one’s work separately. That project I handled multiple subsystems in which one receives bad comment. Anyway I was expecting the same. Because I knew that I did something wrong. Out of nowhere mails were flying like bees as someone had thrown stones in their nest. “Be in reality you threw it and made them restless”, I said myself. Then approached my manager to me and told me to prepare “RCA”. I was wondering what was that!.. and asked him straight away “can you please explain me what RCA means”. As he’s our newly appointed manager he is not aware of the fact that this was my first time facing such issue. He sat down with me and helped me in preparing RCA. Not only he explained but he literally typed for me. The support did not end with preparing the document, he also gave ideas about how to frame mail. Oh!!! Well by the way I forgot to tell you what RCA means. “ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS”, helps people to understand where it went wrong. Not only for the customer, but also this process hugely benefited me. It’s always easy to accept the mistakes that we made if it is pointed out by ourself. Life also sometimes needs RCA, there are lots of things happening around us. Fights within families, fights among friends, fights between states, fights against neighbor countries. If you sit and try to find the root for these fights you will find something very silly. At times it is better to take a backward step. After all the world is to live not to fight and kill people. I agree that you should be patriotic. But you don’t want to show it by killing and wounding people. Not only the person who are working there in plotting plans but the one who is thinking of revenge just think of yourself. You are the toy in someone’s hand, don’t let them play however they want. Remember the opposite party have their own reasons even they have families, friends and children, they get hungry, they have emotions. If you take the life of cactus plants
it grows dry brown needles to protect its green their purpose of growing needles was to protect themselves, but it’s always up to us as how we see it. Ultimately if you see humans as humans, you will never intent to harm them. I say this with all due respect, “THE CHOICE IS YOURS TO MAKE”.


Photo courtesy : Jebin Felix Raja


There is this manager in my office who’s is the most irritating person of all humans in the world. Talking about managers it’s one of the most cursed job. Not only the person who works under you will blame you, but their family and friends too who doesn’t even know your face will blame and curse you. And mine is no different. Even before he became my manager the image I had for him was horrible. He was our on-site coordinator before. I was educated about him in the way that I even had no interest in talking to him. After coming to offshore he became our manager as expected and whenever he gave us extra work we were doing that but not whole heartedly. Untill that specific day which changed everything about him. I realized, so he’s not that bad as I was thinking as of now. Yes, at times we blindly believe in what others say it can be about a person or may be a situation. We forget that there is an another side to the coin. We’ll see things only from our perspective and not even have a glance at the counterpart side. There’s a lot happening at the other end. It’s always not possible to accept the fact but not everyone is giving a chance to understand what’s happening out there. Your thought on other people and your decision on situations should never be influenced by others. There will be a day in everyone’s life that changes every thing upside down, whatever your thought about this world will break into pieces. You will come to know the true colour of every one which you never even imagined of. Yes that will be a tough day to get off but eventually that day will teach you life’s hardest lessons. It will mold you, define your life and make you a better person.


Photo courtesy : Abidni Aashis


The story of bulls was one of the best I read recently. What fascinates me more is their lifestyle and attitude.The way they’ve been built up, each muscle has its own pride. The way they walk with full authority. Even the bravest will fear when they see the sharpened horns of a well built bull. The intensity of their look will make you think twice before standing in their way. When I read, bulls were mostly talked for their fighting. But when I imagine of bull I can only remember them plowing the field. But why?, is there any similarities between the two. Yes a lot, in both cases they were facing difficulties which no one could see. In the first case it’s all about self respect, freedom and physical pain. In the second case it’s about their self respect, freedom and mental pain. Even though the situations are different the lessons were almost the same. A student can say reason for not having the opportunity to be taught by the best teacher when he or she is compared with the neighbor girl or boy. But as a person each and every one of us has the best teacher. You can never find a better teacher than LIFE. The best lessons are learnt from experiences and tough situations that life gives us. Take every situation as an opportunity to learn. And make every experience a worthwhile one. Life gives you situations to be strong and you make experience out of it which will make you wise. By far LIFE IS THE BEST TEACHER I came across.


Photo courtesy : Jebin Felix Raja